"A must-read for the uninitiated investor, as well as, the business-savvy entrepreneur looking to expand his or her knowledge of the buying opportunities with real estte foreclosures.  As a highly experienced broker, educator and author, Mr. Mizzer provides a fascinating insight into real estate in this unique, struggling market.  Best of all, he does it with an easy-to-read, friendly dialogue."

T.J. Stemmy, CPA, CVA, EA MMS
Author of "Top Tax Saving Ideas for Today's Small Business"

"The best book I've read on foreclosures."

Tony Ducanson, Realtor
Chairman, D.C. Real Estate Commission
District of Columbia


"Without a doubt, this is the most important book for buying and selling in a rehabilitating market."

Jim Haas
EWM Realtors, Inc.
Southern Florida

"Simplifies the distressed property process."

Joe Gardi
Former NFL player and coach--New York Jets
New York


"This is a well-written, valuable book filled with pertinent information on the market."

Mickey Thomas
U.S. Army, retired

"This new work by Anthony Mizzer is the collective wisdom of a master.  The former DC Real Estate Commissioner and broker anticipated many of the twists and turns in the market and has gathered his knowledge into a very useable framework so his readers can make money now."

Rick Blake,
Principal, Strategic Health Resources

"I am so impressed and speechless.  Really, really, really impressed."

Mary Lou Jenkins
Retired Former Director, Health Services,
Schulykill County

"I love it.  It's easy layman's language."

Suzanne Goeren
Agent, Real Estate

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